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2 Postdoc Positions in the field of Dynamical Systems at IM-UFRJ

Instituição/Empresa: IM-UFRJ

The Graduate Program in Mathematics of the Mathematical Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro was awarded with two Postdoctoral Fellowships, supported by the national agency Capes.

The conditions of these fellowships are given by the document “Portaria No 086, July 03, 2013, CAPES” (see attached document).

Chapter III of the aforesaid Portaria “REQUIREMENTS AND DUTIES OF CANDIDATE AND Fellows , Article 5 thereof”,
describes the eligible candidates and their obligations.

I advance that foreigners can apply, as described in:
"V - The candidate may enroll taking into account the following conditions:
a) be Brazilian or foreigner living in Brazil holding a temporary
visa without employment ;
b ) be foreigner, residing abroad, without employment ;
c ) be a professor or researcher in the country with employment in
institutions higher education or public research institutions . "

The interested candidates should send their applications via email to
pacifico@im.ufrj.br until

The application should includ the following documents:
1.  CV
2. Research plan for 12 months
3. A letter of recommendation from a researcher in the field
4. A letter justifying the candidate's interest in developing research at IM-UFRJ.

The selection process will be performed by Maria Jose Pacifico, Katrin Gelfert (both UFRJ) and another researcher from outside the program, to be defined shortly.

The results will be disclosed until end of March 2014.