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A Workshop and Advanced School on Eigenvalue Problems, Software and
Applications (EPSA2007) will be held at the Faculty of Sciences,
University of Porto, on June 27-29, 2007. This three-day event will be a
combination of presentations on theory, applications, available software
and algorithms, and hands-on sessions. The invited speakers are Jim
Demmel (UC Berkeley), Peter Arbenz (ETH Zürich), Filomena Dias d'Almeida
(University of Porto), Rui Ralha (University of Minho) and Tony Drummond
(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

EPSA2007 will target an audience formed by researchers from a variety of
fields, and graduate students and computational scientists whose
research require the use of robust numerical algorithms, novel
techniques, large amounts of eigenvalue calculations, or combinations of
these. For more information please see

Organizing committee:
Paulo B. Vasconcelos - University of Porto, Portugal
Osni Marques - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Jose E. Roman - Technical University of Valencia, Spain