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International Symposium on
Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A., April 16-18, 2007.

IPDO Symposium’s main objectives are to bring the three communities of
researchers (inverse problems experts, design theory experts, and
optimization experts) together and provide a common forum for presenting
different applications, problems, and solution strategy concepts. These
three areas of research to be covered by the IPDO Symposium have a number of
things in common. For example, many methodologies for solving inverse
problems employ optimization algorithms. But, there are no optimization
algorithms that employ methods of inverse design that could potentially
substantially reduce the number of time-consuming analysis required by the
typical evolutionary optimization algorithms. Similarly, design theory is
not well known in the optimization community where formulation of the
appropriate multiple objectives and system-of-systems design formulations
are often performed using intuition and personal experience. The IPDO
Symposium thus offers a unique international forum that is expected to
provide an excellent basis for cross-fertilization of ideas and creation of
new synergistic approaches and methodologies that will combine the three
fields of research so that more general, robust, accurate and
computationally economical design methods are created for multi-disciplinary

G.S. Dulikravich (chair), H.R.B. Orlande (co-chair), M. Tanaka (co-chair),
M.J. Colaco (secretary)
AFOSR (United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research)
ARO (United States Army Research Office)
T&F (Taylor & Francis Publishers)
FIU (Florida International University)
UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Areas of interest:
The IPDO-2007 Symposium will emphasize a broad range of deterministic,
statistical, analytical, computational and experimental approaches, which
can be applied to the solution of inverse, design and multi-disciplinary
optimization problems. Contributions dealing with theoretical concepts and
practical applications are encouraged, such as in petrochemistry,
aeronautics, astronautics, bio-medicine, transport and sensing of
pollutants, materials design and processing, remote sensing, non-destructive
evaluation, material property determination, acceleration of large scale
optimization, design theory, etc.

20 November, 2006 deadline for submission of two-page abstracts
in .pdf format
1 December, 2006 informing authors about acceptability of abstracts
31 January, 2007 deadline for submission of full eight-page papers
15 February, 2007 deadline for early registration

Abstracts and papers:
Please submit two-page abstracts (including preliminary results, basic
figures, formulas, and references) in .pdf format to the following e-mail
addresses: IPDO2007@GMAIL.COM, IPDO2007@YAHOO.COM
All accepted abstracts will be in a Book of Abstracts provided to all
participants during IPDO-2007. Final papers passing a three-person review
process will be provided electronically to all those that register by April
1, 2007. Selected papers will be published in Inverse Problems in Science
and Engineering journal.

IPDO-2007 Web Page with information about registration, hotel, visa, etc.:
For information contact: Prof. George S. Dulikravich; tel. +1 (305) 348-
7016; E-mail: