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II Conference on Computational and Mathematical Population Dynamnics

The Second Conference on Computational and Mathematical Population 
Dynamics (CMPD2) will take place in Campinas, Brazil, from July 16 to
20, 2007. This Conference is the second joint meeting of the Conference
on Mathematical Population Dynamics (MPD) and the Conference on
Deterministic and Stochastic Models for Biological Interactions
(DeStoBio), with a 20-year history of international meetings with
ever-increasing participation (
<>, choose *History of CMPD*). As in the
previous conferences from both series, the aim of the meeting is to
bring together people from different fields (applied mathematicians,
statisticians, engineers, computer scientists, biologists, clinicians,
epidemiologists, biomedical scientists, ecologists, ...) interested in
(deterministic and/or stochastic) models for population dynamics and
interactions. There will be 10 plenary lectures and several parallel
sessions organized by thematic interest. On-line registration and
abstract submission are available at
<> . *We remark that deadline for
session proposals is February 28 and for abstract submission is **March
31, 2007*.
Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática Aplicada e Computacional (SBMAC)
European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB)
Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB)