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The DINCON\’ 2008: 7th Brazilian Conference on Dynamics, Control and Their Applications

The DINCON' 2008: 7th Brazilian Conference on Dynamics,
Control and Their Applications –
will focus on all aspects of dynamics and control, including experimental,
analytical and numerical theories and development of techniques.
               Presentation and discussion of results from applications on
a broad range of areas are expected too.
..           Authors are invited to submit eletronically one article of
about 10 pages (see template:
                Articles: minimum 6, maximum 12 pages; Invited lectures:
minimum 10, maximum 50 pages; Short Courses: minimum 20,
maximum 80 pages.
                March 31, 2008  Paper Submission (finished period) The
list of topics to be covered by the DINCON' 2008
Meeting intends to provide a stimulating reference frame
for research and discussion.
                It has been designed to enhance the interdisciplinary
nature of the Conference in the quest for a better
understanding of dynamical systems in general.
                The main topics of the meeting will be:
1.    ..Astrodynamics and Aeronautics.
2.    ..Fluid Mechanics and Energy.
3.    ..Control and Optimization.
4.    ..Non-linear Dynamics, Chaos and Synchronization and Complexity.
5.    ..Biological, Medical, Agricultural and other Complex Systems.
6.    . Geodesy and Remote Sensing.
7.    ..Stochastic Methods in Science and Engineering.
8.    ..Image Processing and Inteligent Systems.
9.    ..Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems, Nano and Micro Electrical
Systems. 10.    ..Mechanical and Physical Methods in Material Science.
11.    ..Undergraduate Projects.
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