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1st International Conference on Material Modelling

1st Announcement

1st International Conference on Material Modelling

September 15th - 17th, 2009
Dortmund, Germany

Scientific Objectives

During the last decades material modelling has become
a field of central scientific importance. Although there
exist many workshops, meetings, colloquia etc. on
particular aspects, specific materials and particular
applications, a single conference dedicated to materials
modelling in all its various facets is lacking. To this end,
the aim of the conference is to bring together researchers
from the various filds of material modelling including
materials characterization. The intention here is to cover
essentially all aspects of material modelling. This will
provide the opportunity for interaction among and
exchange between scientists working in different
subareas of material mechanics who otherwise would not
come into contact with each other.
Main Topics

- elasticity
- viscoelasticity and creep
- elasto- and viscoplasticity
- damage, fracture, fatigue
- phase transitions
- nonclassical and non-local approaches
- multiscale modelling
- thermomechanical and multifield modelling
- functional materials
- biomaterials
- material design
- experimental identification and material characterization
- material theory and fundamentals
- mathematical and computational aspects
- micro-nanomechanics

Organizing Comittee

Andreas Menzel
Bob Svendsen
Albrecht Bertram


Abstract: January 15, 2009
Conference paper: October 31, 2009


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