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Disponibilidade de bolsa de pós-doutorado

Constitutive Modelling and Numerical Simulations of Multiphase Particulate Flows

The Group of Fluid Mechanics of Complex Flows of the University of Brasília, Brazil, is opening a Post-Doctoral position, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil (CNPq), for up to three years, renewable for an extra year.

The position will involve research in particulate flows, both low/high concentrations and low/high particle Reynolds number, aiming at understanding rheological properties of the particle phase that are necessary for a correct description of these flows using continuum models. For example, in fluidised beds, properties such as particle pressure and particle viscosity are still unknown and are the subject of ongoing research. There is also interest in the effect on the rheology of these flows when the particles interact magnetically and an external magnetic field is applied. Research will involve mainly analytical and numerical studies and, depending on the abilities of the applicant, some simple experimental work could also be carried on.

Post-doctoral researchers are expected to get involved in the academic life of the group and interact with the researches and students of the group. There are possibilities of teaching basic and advanced courses to both undergraduate and post-graduate students. Also, post-doctoral researchers could supervise MSc dissertations and also help supervising PhD students of the group. The group is hosted at the Mechanical Engineering Department, but is composed by researchers and students from different academic backgrounds. The group has intense collaboration with the Mathematics Department and with the Physics Institute of the University of Brasília.

Applicants should have a PhD degree in Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Physics, with a solid background in fluid dynamics, and should have good programming skills. Good knowledge of English is also required and some knowledge of Portuguese is necessary for everyday life (Spanish might help initially). Salary is around USD1700/€1200 (R$ 3300 – Brazilian reais) per month tax free, and can increase depending on availability of extra funds from other sources. Candidates of any nationality are welcome to apply.

Further information can be obtained directly with Prof. Francisco Ricardo Cunha at <>.

If interested, please send a resume, with the names and contact information of two references, and a list of publications to Prof. Francisco Ricardo Cunha at <> .