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CFL Condition 80 Years Gone By

Presentation –

This congress celebrates the benchmark article published by Courant,Friedrichs and Lewy in 1928 and which redefined all numerical algorithms drawn to deal with PDE's.

It aims looking both at the development such algorithms went through during these 80 years and at the problems we will deal with in future years.

Besides lectures delivered by invited speakers, we will have several panels where these topics will be thoroughly discussed.

Confirmed keynote lecturers –

Uri Ascher (Un. British Columbia)
J. Paulo Bonatti (INPE)
Bernardo Cockburn (U. Minnesota )
Saulo R. M. de Barros (IME-USP)
James Glimm (NYSU at Stony Brook)
Reuben Hersh (N.Mexico U.)
James (Mac) Hyman (Tulane Univ.)
Rolf Jeltscher (ETH, Zürich)
Barbara Keyfitz (Ohio S. Univ.)
Peter Lax (NYU) – main speaker
Stan Osher (UCLA)
Enrique Zuazua (Basque Center Ap. Math.)